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The Scent of Sugar

April 20, 2014

The Scent of Sugar

If you were anywhere near children today, you could smell the high scent of Sugar. It blotted out the frankincense, the perfumes of ladies. The fat raindrops and spring winds could not quell the scent of sugar as the children waved their sticky hands through church services and family dinners. The children will smell of it until their parents and grandparents wash it away with tonight’s bath. The Scent of Sugar will end then, but not the sweetness of Easter. That goes on.

Happy Easta, Ya’ll

April 19, 2014

Happy Easta, Ya'll

Oh Moses, Moses. You Adorable Fool

April 17, 2014

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Anne Baxter as Nefretiri

Anne Baxter as Nefretiri

Okay, tell the truth. How many of you watched Bible epics this weekend? I can’t go a year without watching Anne Baxter tear up the screen in those body hugging Edith Head costumes. I love everything about  The Ten Commandments. The cast, the scenery, the hokiness. It’s got it all. And what ARE those dancers doing at Seti’s Jubilee celebration? Every year I watch them whip those braids around with the giant red balls on the end while doing some kind of back arch maneuver. I’m still not sure.What I am sure of is that the censors must have been on the set night and day. Those dancers are wearing the biggest and thickest granny panties under their dancing costumes I have ever seen. What are they made of? Coat felt ?

And how much mineral oil did they use lubing up Charlton Heston’s pecs? I mean, wow. Covered…

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The Demented Cockatoo

April 11, 2014

Cowlicks. I’ve got one. But my hair is very fine and curly. This crazed shock of three curls twist out from my forehead with no regard for my face, the occasion (job interview, anyone?),and scorns the efforts of hairdressers, gel and straightening irons. So enough is enough. If George Tsoukalos can go on Ancient Aliens with a whole head of Cowlicks, l can triumph over this one. So l dyed it red. So there.

Turkey Burn

April 6, 2014

Talking Trees Gallery:

You know who you are

Originally posted on The Talking Trees Gallery:

Queen Daenaryes will not be consigned to the everlasting flames

Queen Daenaryes will not be consigned to the everlasting flames

Artists of all stripes! How about coming to a Turkey Burn? This is an event for artists only. Pull out all those canvases you have hidden in the closet, the basement,the attic and bring your bad paintings, ill thought collages or whatever to the farm and consign your turkey art to the flames! If you are a sculptor, sledge hammers will be gleefully supplied. You can’t put it out on the sidewalk or in the trash. Someone like Moi will find it and sell it! Can’t you see it written up in the art history books? “Not one of her/his best works.” Ouch! Screw history! Make your own history as pure as you can manage. You KNOW you can’t gesso over that thing and make it work. Let it go.I think we should have beer. And firemen.

The First Annual Turkey…

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Okay, More Info on the Turkey Burn

April 3, 2014

No. I’ m not doing this for money. If you register for the Turkey Burn, you will receive an invitation. Translated into Southern, that means free. 

No. I’m not doing this for your email address or to hack any of your accounts. If you have not kept up with my blog, I have TBI due to having a brain tumor removed  from my frontal lobe. Hacking is past my abilities.

Yes. You must be 21 to participate. We will imbibe gently as we watch our past mistakes incinerate.

Yes. There will be Firemen in attendance. I know how to handle a hose and pump, but I’m going to leave the heavy lifting to our great brawny men in fire hats.

Cleanse yourselves, fellow artists. Cleanse yourselves. And join in a deep fellowship that stems from shedding mistakes, fire and beer. Only 15 artists are allowed.

Abundant Sunshine

March 31, 2014

That’s our forecast for today. Abundant sunshine. Sunshine in abundance. I was going to work. There is this wild notion starting up in me just to bathe in the abundant sunshine until I’m drunk with it. I won’t, but at lunchtime, be prepared for a secondary glare. The glare will be coming from my dazzling pale arms and legs exposed to the abundant sunshine. Enjoy.


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